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We are a mortuary novelty shop. We don't mean to offend anyone or make them uncomfortable. If this is a sensitive subject for you and you do not wish to view these items, please turn back now. Otherwise...Come on in, look around, you'll have a good tomb!

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Check out or message board, Coffin Talk. It is for funeral directors, mortuary science students, and those with a morbid curiosity.
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Pushin Daisies: a mortuary novelty shop

Pushin Daisies: a mortuary novelty shop

Send Us Your Ideas!

We are completely open to new ideas and products here at Pushin Daisies. Not only do we search out and find the coolest mortuary novelties out there, we have a creative team constantly looking for new items to create. Do you have any ideas? Is there something you think we should carry? Do you like something we have, but want it offered in a different size or color? Let us know. We can often do special orders. If we get requests to see something added, we'll do it. Are you a merchant and sell something you think it would go well with our morbid merchandise? Tell us about it.  Whether it's something you've seen and would like us to carry it, or something you would like to see us create, let us know what you want and we’ll do our best to try and accommodate.

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Customer Picture Page
We want pictures! Send us your Pushin Daisies pictures. Take a picture of YOU in your favorite Pushin Daisies tshirt. Made a cool halloween display? Here's the place to show it off! Got the keys to your hearse on one of our keychains, let's see it. Heck, lets see your hearse for that matter. Let's see how you use some your purchases! Click here to see some of our current customer pictures!


We're dying to hear from you. Please send us your feedback. Let us know what you think of our site. We are interested in your thoughts. How can we improve? What do you like? What don't you like? Drop us a line. Send all emails by click the "contact us" email link.


We now wholesale a small part of our of our inventory. Please contact us for funeral related and Gothic wholesale items.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to friends that helped make this site possible.
Photography: Jack Pitzer a.k.a. Hinge - and Chris
Models:Ellen, Denise, Carolyn, Vincent, Christopher, Sean, Nick, Sha, Kim, Kenny, and Rafal.

Special Friends:Green Genie


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