Customer Picture Page - SEND US YOUR PICS!!! Take a picture of YOU in your favorite Pushin Daisies tshirt. Made a cool halloween display? Here's the place to show it off! Got the keys to your hearse on one of our keychains, lets see it. Heck, lets see your hearse for that matter. We want Pushin Daisies pics!

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Krista's Dirt Cake Chocolate Coffins Krista's Coffin Cake Put the fun back in funeral tshirtTyler, from In the Light Urns ( sent us a pic of one of their engravers wearing our "Put the FUN back in funeral" tshirt.
Hearse Cookie
Coffin Cookies Justine from Not so Sweet Cookies sent us some pictures of the cookies she made with the coffin and hearse cookie cutters and we have to say we DO think they're SWEET! You can check out some of other her creations at
Skull Champagne Glasses Lisa and Jason used the skull toasting glasses at their wedding. They lined the coffin box with purple velvet to really create an upscale look! Congrats Guys! We wish you the best!
Skeleton hand photo clips. Skeleton hand barrettes.

We got these pics from Dhani. "i run my own DIY jewlery store ( and i ordered some of your skeleton hands to make some products."

She has some pretty cool stuff and these items are available on her website. Now go get some!

Close up of the coffin box.

Coffin gift baskets.

Nina at Velvet Moon Bathery has been working hard. She sent us this... "Just thought I would share with you a picture of what I created using your 8 inch coffin boxes."

Looks great Nina! Be sure to check them out at

The Corpse Bride coffin cake was red velvet and even prettier when cut into!
Corpse Bride party with coffin cake and gift coffins filled with presents!. I had to post 2 pictures of this amazing Corpse Bride Birthday Party Barbara had for here daughter. "We had the best time making our cake with your pan, just thought I would send some pictures. We also used your nesting coffin boxes and all gift bags had your chocolate coffins with the skeleton inside, they were a huge hit!"
One of our favorite Coffin Talk regulars, MisfitQueen, sent in this picture of her Vampire wine. We love it especially since is so gothicly decorated with our coffin grapes.
Jamie and Seth sent us a picture of their hearse. Thanks for the pic guys!

Bennie manages a haunted house in Missouri. This is a picture of their company car and their very unique casket stereo. Check out their website at

Sarah the hearse girl and her freind Becky sent us a pic from the Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.

"I still love the shirt, and I always get comments on it especially when I wear it to hearse shows."

Josh sumbitted this awsome lightbox he made.

"This is the light box I made to display the ashtray/candleholders. It will hang on my wall once I
find a human pelvic bone replica for the bracket."

Mary submitted this picture of the skull ashtray and dead roses.

I think the skull adds a certain warmth to the room when its lit up at night. And the roses...just beautiful.

Nikole submitted this picture of the skull lamp in her livingroom.

"I recently bought your skull lamp for our funeral/bar room. It fits perfect on the table next to our real coffin couch!"

The Cutler Brothers make monster bears and display them in cardboard coffins.

"I still need to work on the site but we usually have a bear or two on ebay. just search under "monster bear. Attached is one of my favorites, Mr. Blue-voodoo bear."

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